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On 25 July 2020, after two failed attempts, we are proud to announce the 3rd NICHT-MUSEUM ZEITGEMÄßER KUNST in Dresden. In the 1990s the project of the Stella-Kunsthalle at the Dresden Zwinger failed and likewise the Gewandhaus-Museum for contemporary art in the city center in 2007.


Now we take possession of the space that art in the city does not have and celebrate the art festival of a non-museum for contemporary art. As usual, the conditions to show art are impossible and unsufficient. Therefore we show art at temporary construction fences, like in a show depot, music under the open sky, dancing on cobblestones, readings in open urban space, videos fighting with the sunbeams on the monitors. The non-museum is an assertion and pop-up, contemplation, pondering consideration and confession.

We will enter in an active dialogue about what a place for contemporary arts in the middle of the city should provide, what it could be like. And of course we will also point out further deficiencies, such as the lack of income for freelance artists, studios, rehearsal and other work spaces for all arts.
We invite artists of all genres to participate, to fill the space of the nonentity with their own works or actions.

The NICHT-MUSEUM will appear on 25 July 2020 from 2 to 10 pm on the Dresden Neumarkt.
We are looking for
– works of visual art for the presentation (original or copy), videos, texts, music, …
– musicians, dancers, writers, performers, artists, …
– enthusiasts for guided tours, sandwich (wo)-men, information
– helpers for assembly and dismantling, guarding, catering etc.
– further information:

Contact us via E-Mail: or mobile +49-177-7853059 (Frank Eckhardt) open team meeting every Tuesday 7pm in front of Neumarkt 14, Dresden
a project by
DEI FUNK WuK, PARASIT – Dresdner mobiles EuropaInstitut fuer Neue Kunst, Neue Kulturarbeit, Kultur & Wissenschaft & Wirtschaft


  • Author: Piotr Grzywacz
  • Published on: 23.07.2020, 10:45
  • Last edit: 09.12.2022, 13:10