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Rector and the Senate of the Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts Poznań are
honored to invite you to the inauguration of the academic year 2022/2023

October 13, 2022, at 11.00 in Atrium UAP

the ceremony will also be broadcasted live:
on the official UAP YouTube channel


  • State Anthem
  • Speech by the Rector of UAP, prof. dr. hab. Wojciech Hora
  • Gaude Mater Polonia Guest speeches
  • Handing out medals and distinctions
  • Speech by the President of the Student Self-Government of UAP
  • First-year students matriculation
  • Inaugural lecture by prof. dr hab. Marta Smolińska
  • Gaudeamus igitur

Jerzy Kałucki | Wolność i otwartość / Freedom and openness
11–30 X 2022
Gallery Rotunda UAP building A
Peter Valiska-Timečko | Col_lection /action graphics
06–19 X 2022
Gallery Curators’LAB UAP, Nowowiejskiego str. 12
Milena Hościłło | Co było, a (nie) jest / What was and (not) is
Gallery Design UAP, Wolnica str. 9
28 IX – 13 X 2022
Mikołaj Garstecki | How are you
Gallery szewska 16, Szewska str. 16
5–23 X 2022
Holos means the whole | exhibition as a part of the project „illusion of form” (Faculty of
Sculpture UAP together with Universitetet i Bergen – Faculty for Art, Music and
Design) Education Programme – Foundation for the Development of Education System
financed by the EOG Fund.
Gallery Duża Scena UAP, Wodna str. 24
13–27 X 2022

  • Author: Matylda Konarska
  • Published on: 11.10.2022, 09:54
  • Last edit: 09.12.2022, 13:10