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Art Uprising 

Exhibitors: Kamila Lukaszczyk, Przemysław Piński, Olga Skliarska, Hanna Shumska, Daria Trush

Curators: Ewelina Muraszkiewicz, Yuliya Zalozna

Nowa Scena Gallery UAP

Exhibition: 3-13.03.2023

Opening: 3.03.2023, 18:00

Reality is what really exists. Really – or how really? Are we  able to capture really in today’s world filled with lots of stimuli and alternative realities? The young generation of graduates of the University of Arts really face their own. They draw from the surrounding reality, not only the real one. They weave social, political and sociological threads into their works. Reality is falling apart into tiny pieces of personal choices and history.

Kamila Lukaszczyk redefines the term friend in the work “Portrait of my friend. Parents” creating huge, protective wings presented on a semi-transparent light-transmitting material. The wings stand for the artist’s parents. They are patchwork childhood memories, objects, situations, the passage of time, but also interference of outer reality into the safe cocoon of domestic reality. In the work “2020 – …” we witness Lukaszczyk’s everyday life, a kind of a diary listing events that took place during the year. The artist transfers street style to the fabric. We follow scraps of reality like stickers on unattended walls.

Olga Skliarska’s performative installation “There were alarms again, but not at our place” draws the viewer into interaction. Each of us becomes an artist, a co-creator of work through the active reception. Our experiences, acquired knowledge, emotions, but also the situation in which we are put by the artist will affect perception.

Daria Trush faces virtual reality at the junction of real reality through creating her own avatar in the ZEPETO application. “While painting, I focused on depth emotions of my living, virtual character-representation, on her facial expressions and gestures. Greenscreen allows you to focus on the avatar while remaining a symbol of event potentiality and narratives. The series of my works is an attempt to understand the essence of the relationship between human and avatar, as well as one’s own personality and corporeality in digital culture. ” 2

In her paintings “Meal in the Bosom of Nature” and “Kittens” Hanna Shumska analyzes the oppressive situation of women. What’s more meaningful than a woman’s breast served on a plate to a man, who sets about greedily cutting it open. What’s more, the whole thing takes place under an evaluative view of the audience.

Przemysław Piniak, in his turn, refers to the reality of social media networks and the concerns associated with them, represented in the work “Spice Girls Shrine”. Willingness to meet the expectations of viewers, notorious for being up to date and ready, which causes a kind of addiction to emotions. In the end, it turns out that we can’t please everyone.

2 Processuality of Art., 40th Edition of Maria Dokowicz Competition for the Best UAP Diploma, exhibition catalogue,, access: 28.02.2023

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  • Published on: 28.02.2023, 15:37
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