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SYNCHRO | Reflections II

Galeria Curators’Lab, 12 Nowowiejskiego Str.

Opening: 14.02, 18:00

Duration: 14.02 – 26.02

prof. Kazimierz Raba
dr Łukasz Gruszczyński
mgr Andrzej Lenarczyk


A studio as an idea – a studio as an environment

The curator’s premise for the series of exhibitions entitled Reflections is to show a sculpture studio as an idea connecting a professor and graduates by an unrestricted clause of time and formal affiliation. The studio defined in this way includes artists gathered around assumptions and methods that have shaped their personalities and initiated their creative paths over the years.

Showing the environment of the studio from the perspective of a lecturer is one of the possible interpretations of its assumptions. When selecting participants, the professor-curator asks important questions about the foundations and prospects for the development of the sculpture studio.

Despite the limited space, the exhibition can be the voice of even several generations associated with the artists’ studio. The professor and the graduates shown in the common space create a new place for other members of the community – students and applicants aspiring to enter the recognisable environment of the studio.

By showing the relationships and differences between the works of artists connected by the experience of this particular studio, the exhibition testifies to the variety of ideas and strategies created at the Faculty of Sculpture as well as to the tools that are necessary to implement them.

A limited number of participants draws attention to the right to choose, which gives the possibility of shaping the space that determines the creative dialogue.

  • Author: o.petrenko
  • Published on: 10.02.2023, 10:58
  • Last edit: 10.02.2023, 10:58