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14. 03. 2023 – 02. 04. 2023
Opening: March, 14, 18:00
Nowa Scena Gallery
Al. Marcinkowskiego 28, Poznań
Curator of the exhibition: prof. Laura Dimitrova

The exhibition “Vertical & Horizontal” includes artworks by 21 artists and professors at the Visual Arts Department of Sofia University.

The vertical and the horizontal are ancient symbols that we associate with the spiritual (vertical) and the material (horizontal). Through the interaction of the vertical and the horizontal, wholeness is achieved, harmony and balance is created in the world.

Seemingly united by formal requirements, the participants in the exhibition are at the same time free to express their views on the subject.

  • Author: o.petrenko
  • Published on: 06.03.2023, 11:19
  • Last edit: 06.03.2023, 13:44