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No Way | Exhibition Performance by the 7th Studio of Sculpture and Spatial Activities 

Curators’ LAB Gallery
12 Nowowiejskiego Str., Poznań
Opening: March, 15, 18:00
Duration of exhibition: March, 15-27
Performances: March, 15 and 16, 18:00

List of artists participating in the exhibition/performance:

Magda Czapiewska
Aleksandra Demianiuk
Dawid Dzwonkowski
Maja Korczyńska
Mac Lewandowski
Martyna Przybyło
Ksenia Pyza
Basia Stańko-Jurczyńska
Asia Urbańska
Adrian Woźniak


Marta Bosowska
Janusz Bałdyga

Inputs/Outputs is the title of a cyclical exhibition entitled Performance featuring activities carried out by students and graduates of the 7th Studio of Sculpture and Spatial Activities, It is held at the Curators’Lab Gallery. This year’s exhibition bears the title suggested by students: No way.

There is no such thing as mercy. No, forget about that. I said no, and that’s that! Absolutely no way. It has no say. No such antics! No, no way, because that would be inconsistent and unforgivable. Incredible! It is, it is, oh God, it just can’t be this way. There is no mention in the description that they want to talk about anything. The only answer is: there is no way. Out of the question. Don’t even ask.

For goodness’ sake… out of the question.

The premise of the exhibition is to show artistic attitudes and directions of research rather than creating a coherent demonstration of subsequent stages of education. This concept of presentation results from very diverse experiences and different personalities that make up the environment of the studio.

We assume that simultaneous actions can be carried out using various media. We accept the postulate of active participation of viewers in shaping the unpredictable nature of the artistic message. We emphasise the separate nature of individual projects, being aware that they belong to one organism which, at this stage of the young artists’ experiences, is the studio.

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  • Published on: 08.03.2023, 10:56
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