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Gallery Nowa Scena UAP, Al. Marcinkowskiego 28

Opening: 14.04.2023, 18:00

Duration: 14 – 25.04.2023

The challenges of contemporary visual artists in the world of contemporary art are constantly changing and evolving, it is increasingly difficult for artists to maintain a balance between originality and accessibility, between exploration and commercialization. Myopia in the visual arts can be treated as a phenomenon that can lead to stagnation, superficiality, and even trivialization of the artistic message or lack of thought-provoking or emotion-provoking.  

 In the era of globalization, Internet and social media, it is harder than ever for artists to maintain their identity and uniqueness. On the one hand, they want to be recognized and appreciated, on the other – they do not want to lose their own style and values. The pursuit of commercial success may affect the quality and originality of their work. Artists, forced to explore, understand the cultural context, and also take into account social diversity, can find inspiration in places that previously went unnoticed.

Therefore, the title of the exhibition directly refers to the concept of myopia, i.e. commonly defined myopia that has a direct impact on the visual perception of the world. In the artist’s work, this feature allows one to think ahead, through the imperfection of accommodation, the created reality paves the way to a completely new anatomy of seeing. The blur that appears with each attempt to sharpen creates new possibilities, expanding the palette of meanings. The construction of the exhibition inaugurates the cooperation of the Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts Poznan with Kunst Räume Projekte in Berlin. It presents selected artistic attitudes from Poland and Germany and is a kind of exercise for short-sightedness.

Rafał Górczyński

Curators: Patrick Huber / Rafał Górczyński

Artists / Visuals:

Janusz Bałdyga 
Armin Bremicker 
Patrick Huber 
Mika Karhu
Maija Halasvuo 
Maciej Kurak 
Dominik Lejman 
Ute Lindner 
Rémy Markowitsch 
Karen Stuke 
Line Wasner 
Veronika Witte 
Michael Kurzwelly 
Anne Peschken/Marek Pisarsky

Artists / Music:

Margarete Huber (Singer)
Wolfram Spyra & Roksana Vikaluk (Electronic Music/Singer)

Poster: Szymon Szymankiewicz

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