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Zuzanna Szary | Take control of stickiness!

Opening: 27.04.2023, 18:00

Gallery Szewska 16

Curator: Wiktoria Kozioł
Coordinator: Krzysztof Mętel


of Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts Poznan within the frames of the 11th edition of the Competition ‘New Image / New Look’

Take control of your stickiness!

Hyper mega gig ultra. Objects on an inhuman scale of time and size “stick” to living beings. Their aesthetic manifestations remain hidden for long periods, language cannot comprehend them. So you have to comb it, dripping into the cracks. Are the hyper-things responsible for the end of the world ? a sense of fragility and stupidity. The promise contained in the title call resembles a motivational slogan from a personal development handbook. It is impossible to fulfill. Viscosity is not controlled. Well, maybe it could be regulated, but only in global processes. And yet, as a species, we have no imagination at all. Still, try it.

Activities and features: ductility, adhesion, dripping, adherence, condensation, fluctuations, stresses, flows, solidification, leakage, coagulation, dissolution, gelatinousness, flowing out, trembling, overflowing

Instruments: (rheo)viscometer, liquid meter, flow cup

Measuring units: Stokes, poise, Pascal second, Engler degree, °E, Barbie degree, °B, Redwood second, RI, Saybolt second, SUS (relative fluidity), sense of the sublime, and Unheimlihkeit

Local manifestations: thick, shiny oil slick drifting in the ocean; machine grease in the engine bearing, a network of all fluids on earth, a plastic bag dancing in the wind, viscosity of thinking, paranoid attachment to a subject

Wiktoria Kozioł

Zuzanna Szary (born in 1995)

A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, the Faculty of Painting. She developed her workshop in the studio of prof. Bednarczyk, under the supervision of Michał Zawada. In 2022, she received the Grand Prix of Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts Poznań. in the 11th edition of the “New Image/New Look” Competition. Winner of the National Student Painting Competition named after Wojciech Fangor. One of her paintings became part of mBank’s newest art collection “m jak malarstwo” (P like Painting).

She uses figurative painting with elements of abstraction. She uses various painting techniques on canvas – from oil paints, tempera to watercolors.

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