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Design of a prosthetic leg for water sports | Kuba Garstkiewicz

Gallery Design UAP, 9 Wolnica Str.
Opening: 23.05, 18:00
On display till 4.06

The impulse for implementation was the analysis and observation of the environment of amputees, which showed that despite the high development of technology, there are still areas of prosthetics that have not been developed by any solution. Practicing water sports requires balance, motor coordination and the involvement of the entire muscular system. Significant difficulties in the coordination of leg work while swimming can be observed among people after a leg amputation below the knee line. Currently offered prosthetic solutions do not provide plantar flexion of the foot, which is needed for comfortable swimming. The assumptions of the project were to develop a concept that would be simple to build, which should translate into the availability of the designed product, to propose a mechanism that would enable the foot to move elastically and the plantar flexion mentioned above. The scope of the project was limited to the prosthetic leg, the development of the concept of the ankle joint and the prosthetic foot. Prosthetic sockets were not included in the scope of the study due to the level of individualization. The search for a principle of operation that could enable the flexibility of the foot found the main inspiration in the vibration isolator mechanism, which in various forms is used to stabilize the vibrations of industrial machines. The assumption is that the rubber bushings are chosen according to the physical parameters of the user, so as to select the optimal damping force of the prosthesis. The mechanics of changing the angle of inclination are included in the simple design of the splined mechanism, which provides a secure and reliable lock. Composites such as carbon fiber or glass fiber were indicated for the prosthetic foot. An accessory that complements the prosthesis is a rubber, non-slip cover. Thanks to it, it is possible to move around in spaces such as a swimming pool, beach or lake.


I am a graduate of Industrial Design at Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts Poznań. During my studies, I was a participant of the Erasmus+ program in Bratislava, majoring in Transport Design. The experience gained during the exchange strengthened my desire to develop in projects concerning means of transport. Currently, as a designer, I specialize in designing in the field of automotive, e-mobility and consumer electronics. I co-found Hazay Bikes, which makes Long-John cargo bikes. I also fulfill myself on the academic path as a lecturer at my home university. Privately, I am passionate about road cycling, motorization and the history of architecture.

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  • Published on: 19.05.2023, 12:03
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