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Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts Poznan

A – Al. Marcinkowskiego 29
B – ul. 23 Lutego 20

Special program:

1. Oddities – Haute couture by UAP

Atrium UAP, building B

All those interested in fashion and theatrical costume are invited to a show of forms of clothing and costume entitled Oddities. Semester papers and diploma works by students of the Department of Fashion will be presented. The peculiarity of the show results from the richness and diversity of responses to the topics addressed by young designers.

The event will be unique, because full-scale fashion shows in our city are extremely rare, so it is an undeniable opportunity to experience live fashion theater. Three studios, i.e. the Studio of Clothing Design, the Studio of Unique Clothing and the Studio of Theater Costume operating within the Department of Fashion at the Faculty of Interior Design and Scenography are a guarantee of a high level of work and original solutions.

2. Mapping

Visuals: Medialab
Music: Siema Ziemia
UAP Courtyard, buildings A/B

Fascinating visuals and a multimedia concert by the jazz band Siema Ziemia. Both the space surrounding the viewer and the musicians will become an object and an integral part of the mapped courtyard of the University of Arts Poznań. The method of developing the visualization and the film layer will closely correspond with the melancholic and sometimes avant-garde sound of the music. The subject of the visualization will be the search for the kinetics of images in animation, i.e. pure poetry for the eyes. The immersive experience of the viewer, surrounded by a new, created artistic space will leave room for reflection on time, space and technology. In this context, it is the line and expressiveness, both visual and narrative, that take the viewer into the created artistic space.

3. Exhibition of Studio of Art in Intercultural Perspective

Opening at 19:00
Aula, 1 floor, building A

Within the framework of the studio, all topics located on the borderline, uncomfortable, thought-provoking and current ones are taken up. Recognizing the complexity of interpersonal and interspecies relations, we encourage you to carefully look at the world and yourself in the world.

As part of this year’s slogan “Let’s unite”, we point to various processes, including the need to notice the fact that we are not the only inhabitants of the planet, that we function as components of a larger, cosmic whole.

The described deterritorialization guarantees a unique aesthetic experience for the viewer.

An exhibition is for everyone who has the courage to ask difficult questions and is ready to travel to the farthest corner of the world and into him/herself.

4. Night tour of the University of the Arts
Meeting point: Atrium UAP, building B

5. Exhibitions at UAP Municipal Galleries

18:00 – 22:00

UAP Municipal Galleries
Duża Scena UAP, ul. Wodna 24
Galeria Curators’Lab, ul. Nowowiejskiego 12
Galeria Design UAP, ul. Wolnica 9 (building E)
Galeria Szewska 16, ul. Szewska 16
Galeria Nowa Scena UAP, Al. Marcinkowskiego 28

Duża Scena UAP Gallery

Contemporary Narrative Art by Ukrainian Artists / Poznan – collective exhibition: Angie Siveria, Vitalii Shupliak, Lia Dostlieva, Andrii Dostliev, Andrii Merkhel, Olga Skliarska, Olena Matoshniuk, Hanna Shumska.

Curator – Lydia Bodnar-Balahutrak,  FULBRIGHT Scholar

Curators’Lab Gallery

Reflections III – presentation of selected works by a lecturer from the Department of Sculpture in comparison with the works of a graduate or graduates indicated by him.

Nowa Scena UAP Gallery

Erasmus International – the exhibition will present the works by foreign exchange students under the Erasmus program. Curator: Marc Tobias Winterhagen

Design UAP Gallery

Design of a prosthetic equipment for the lower limb supporting practicing water sports | Jakub Garstkiewicz – a project and implementation of a prosthesis will be presented. This prothesis can be used for swimming by people after a leg amputation below the knee line.

6. Monotype workshops within the frames of the Night of Museums

20.05.2023 / 16:00–20:00

Monotype is an artistic graphic technique. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that only one unique print is made.

During the workshop, everyone will be able to try his or her hand at this technique. Under the supervision of artists from the “Defiguration” Science Club, you will be able to perform the individual stages of creating a matrix, and then use it to prepare your own print.

The workshop will take place in front of the Śluza Gallery

Hosted by Julia Białas, Daria Antkiewicz and Aleksandra Czarnota from the Scientific Circle “Defiguration”

Free entrance

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