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Within Sculpture | REFLECTIONS III
Venue: Curators’Lab Gallery, 12 Nowowiejskiego Str.
Opening: 16.05.2023, 18:00
Duration of exhibition: 16.05–28.05.2023


prof. Marcin Berdyszak
dr Tomasz Drewicz
dr Anna Róża Kołacka
Jakub Matusewicz


Tomasz Drewicz


Since a painting image ceased to be perceived only as a carrier of content existing/functioning within the frame, and began to be treated as an object, new possibilities have opened up for painting itself and more. The image treated in this way began a dialogue with values ​​previously not attributed to it, which influenced not only new content, but also the way it was displayed. Thanks to the experience of art, it has been thrown into the unlimited space of experiencing it in a new, different and also non-painting way, and this makes the image as a problem still a source of inexhaustible potential of universal significance also for other media.
During the opening there will be a promotion of the publication entitled “But why am I asking about it?”, which aims to familiarize a wider audience with the teaching methodology used in the 1st Studio of Sculpture and Spatial Activities.


The studio as an idea – the studio as an environment
The curator’s premise of the Reflections series of exhibitions is to show the sculpture studio as an idea connecting the professor and graduates, unrestricted by the clause of time and formal affiliation. The studio defined in this way includes artists gathered around assumptions and methods that have shaped their personality over the years and initiated their creative path.
Showing the environment of the studio from the perspective of the lecturer is one of the possible interpretations of its assumptions. When selecting participants, the professor- curator asks important questions about the grounds and perspectives for the development of the sculpture studio.

Despite the limited space, the exhibition can be the voice of even several generations associated with the artists’ studio. The professor and the graduates shown in the common space create a new place for other members of the community – a student and a candidate aspiring to enter the recognizable environment of the studio.
The Reflections exhibition, showing the relationships and differences in the work of artists connected by the experience of a particular studio, becomes a testimony to the fact that the Faculty of Sculpture enables a variety of ideas, strategies and tools necessary to their implementation.
A limited number of participants draws attention to the right to choose, which gives the possibility of shaping the space that determines the creative dialogue.

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  • Published on: 05.05.2023, 09:59
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