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Tattoo – a form of art

Venue: Gallery Curators’LAB, Nowowiejskiego 12
Opening; 20.07.2023, 18:00
Duration: 20.07 – 18.08.2023
Curator: Adrianna Afra Gruszecka

Artists of Black Rabbit Tattoo Studio:
Marcin Kowalski “Brodaty”
Wojciech Kaczmarek “Ketjow”
Paulina Akuma
Adrianna Gruszecka “Afra Tattoo”
In cooperation with:
Izabela Janowska Tattoo
Jacob Mucha Tattoo Art

Welcome to the exhibition “Tattoo – a form of art”! This extraordinary, pioneering exhibition devoted to the phenomenon of tattoos and its role as a form of dissemination of art on the human body.

This is a unique opportunity to get closer to the mysterious world of tattooing and see the process of creating a pattern live.

The tattoo has deep roots that go back millennia. Ancient cultures such as the Egyptians, Sumerians and Chinese practiced the art of tattooing as a means of expressing one’s identity, religious beliefs and indicating social status.

Over the centuries, tattoos have taken on various meanings and had various uses – from ritual and magical to decorative and symbolic.

However, only in recent decades the tattoo has undergone a real revolution and has become a major artistic medium for many people. With the development of technology, social changes and cultural acceptance, the tattoo has evolved into an expressive form of self-expression and manifestation of individuality.

Nowadays, body tattooing takes on a new meaning for people. It is no longer just a method of identifying belonging to a group or adhering to certain values. For many people, body tattooing has become a way to demonstrate their personality, emotions, passions and life experiences. It is an individual work of art that transfers unique stories and meanings to the skin.

The form of decorating the body is now highly personal and goes beyond the framework of traditional beauty or fashion. It is a manifestation of freedom of choice and authenticity, and at the same time a strong connection between art and the body, where the artist becomes a curator, and the client – an “exhibit”.

At the exhibition, we will also discover countless styles, techniques and inspirations that shape the top motifs. Here, the tattoo crosses the boundaries of traditional painting or sculpture, blending into everyday life and becoming a carrier of artistic expression.

We invite you to explore this fascinating journey.

  • Author: o.petrenko
  • Published on: 12.07.2023, 15:01
  • Last edit: 12.07.2023, 15:01