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PENETRATION | Marzena Wolińska

Gallery Nowa Scena UAP, 28 Marcinkowskiego av.
Opening: 07.09.2023, 18:00
Wed – Sun, 13:00 – 18:00

Objects/ usable items,

sculptural forms,

drawing compositions

are the result of different ways of creating, but/however the inspiration to create them are emotions and thoughts that permeate each other… hence there is the title of the exhibition.

The PENETRATION exhibition presents the mutual relations between various forms of creative expression – utilitarian objects, sculptures and drawings are the result of a different way of creating, but the inspiration for their creation are emotions and thoughts that interpenetrate each other … it gives rise to the title of the exhibition.

Usability is determined by function, conditioned by a given technology and obliged to aesthetic perfection or at least correctness. When designing, you know what the end result is supposed to be. The initial vision and assumptions are realized in the final project. In meditation drawings it is different. The intuitive, emotional graphic final record is at the beginning an unknown that documents the process of meditation…

A meditation drawing is not a representation of reality or a creative vision – it is a graphic record of the meditation process. Drawing as a meditation is focusing on the drawing process itself without pursuing a predetermined goal. Drawing shapes are a record of various periods of time. One spiral element takes one second to draw. A repeated gesture, leaving a trace of a twisted line, creates an expanding structure. Its form, size, intensity result from the type of thoughts and emotions appearing at that time … Graphic record of individual seconds, minutes, hours during which various thoughts appear and one feels: sadness, emotion, joy, gratitude … and uncertainty.

Sculptures interact with the recipient: their movable elements, thanks to the possibility of changing their location, can create various compositions – they are not a finished form – the viewer becomes a co-author…

Usable objects, individually made metal constructions perform the functions of: hangers, a mobile ladder or a table with a tray – however, due to the shape clearly marked in space, they become a sculptural form. Usable objects made of colored sodium glass form a collection of stylistically homogeneous vases and bowls that experiment in terms of proportions.

Usable objects perform a specific function that justifies their creation. The item should be useful in the role for which it was intended. However, its aesthetics is just as important. The message conveyed by its size, shape, and the materials used make certain forms arouse either admiration, the desire to use or possess, or reluctance…                                                   

All the works shown are intended to provoke reflection on the division of art into pure and applied art. Does it really exist?

  • Author: o.petrenko
  • Published on: 30.08.2023, 11:54
  • Last edit: 01.09.2023, 12:20