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What Paweł Edmund Strzelecki saw | Sound and visual spectacle on the occasion of the celebration of the year of Paweł Edmund Strzelecki

6.10.2023 (Friday),  19:30, 17 Kolegiacki Sq., Poznan

“Your fears that I would go higher than the Blue Mountains have come true. I was there and even further (…).

P. E. Strzelecki

We cordially invite you to a special audio and visual event (mapping combined with live music) commemorating the figure and life of an extraordinary man, a resident of Poznan and a citizen of the world, considered right next to the brilliant Chopin and the brilliant Maria Skłodowska-Curie to be the most important Pole of the 19th century!

Paweł Edmund Strzelecki was the author of numerous geographical, geological and natural discoveries, but above all, he fought throughout his life for the voice of people, for the voice of an individual; slaves in the United States or Brazil, the communities of the now defunct Mapuche state (Chile and Argentina), Aborigines, Irish children during the famine of 1847…

The biography of Strzelecki (1797-1873) is a ready material for hyper-production of films or TV series. Born in Głuszyna, Poznan, he was the first Pole to circumnavigate the globe, thoroughly describing and researching the customs of the cultures he encountered and phenomena from the natural world. Strzelecki was the first European to conquer Australia’s highest peak, Mount Kosciuszko, and his study of this continent, published in 1845 in Great Britain, i.e. “Physical Description of New South Wales and Van Diemen’s Land”, is the basis of knowledge about Australia for subsequent 40 years.

The performance, which will include live mapping and music, will primarily be a reflection on the researcher’s five-year stay in Australia, during which he made extraordinary discoveries and gained great respect from the indigenous inhabitants of this land.

We invite everyone who wants to join Strzelecki’s journey, those who want to hear his voice and those who want to feel like explorers themselves!

More information about Paweł Edmund Strzelecki and other events related to the celebration of the Strzelecki Year in Poland and around the world can be found at

The event is organized by the City of Poznan and Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts Poznan

Paulina Wyrt – animation
Dana Danylova – animation
SIEMA Ziemia (Andrzej Konieczny, Kacper Krupa, Paweł Stachowiak, Fryderyk Szulgit) – music
Marcin Kłusak – music (didgeridoo)
Jakub Guzik – multimedia coordination
Mikołaj Ludwik – multimedia
Piotr Sikora – multimedia
Sławomir Fiszer – multimedia
Jarosław Kawałek – sound
Anna Ludwicka Mania – voice
Robert Mania – voice
Jarek Jasik – technical support
Piotr Grzywacz – coordination
Agnieszka Krupa – administration

Photo and video:
Sonia Bober
Weronika Szaładzińska
Zachar Szerstobitow
Igor Jan Zieliński

Anna Aleksandrzak
Maciej Jarmoliński
Iwa Ulatowska
Marta Raszeja
Ewa Rutkowska
Iwa Ulatowska

  • Author: o.petrenko
  • Published on: 28.09.2023, 09:07
  • Last edit: 28.09.2023, 13:37