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Passages, Passers-by. Place, History and Identity | Open lecture by Rene de Rooze (Groningen, the Netherlands)

16.10.2023, 12.30-14.00
Atrium UAP, 23 Lutego str., 20

“We never stop missing our loved ones, we simply learn to live by somehow keeping inside, the enormous void left by their absence”. (A. Noel)
“Modern memory is, above all, archival. It relies entirely on the materiality of the trace, the immediacy of the recording, the visibility of the image” (Between Memory and History, Pierre Nora)
Rene the Rooze was born in Amsterdam 1955, but grew up in the beautiful albeit poor
paradise of Dutch New Guinea. The jungle started 100 meters from his home and its colors, the heat, the indigenous people and the smells of the many tropical fruits and plants make up his earliest memories.
Then, on a cold rainy day in 1961 he arrived with his family in Rotterdam NL after a boat journey through the Pacific Ocean of over six weeks. Shortly after their arrival his mother died of cancer. Both experience that made a mark on his life.
Since, Rene de Rooze has travelled far and wide. Every travel was a search for a lost culture and lost colors and a one year stay in Jerusalem was part of that search.

Rene de Rooze, Visual Artist, October 2023 Groningen.

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