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XXIX Krystyna Drążkiewicz National Drawing and Painting Open-Air for the most talented students of the oldest classes of art high schools – Rychwał 2023 – open-air exhibition

5.10 – 11.10. 2023
Curators: Agata Nowak, Adam Nowaczyk
Gallery Szewska 16, Szewska Str. 16

The post-open-air exhibition presents a “modest” selection of 150 works of the rich achievements of young creative people representing most secondary art schools in Poland. The authors are both winners of the open-air competition for indexes for the Faculty of Painting and Drawing of Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts Poznan as well as creative people who stand out with their individual attitude. The effect is a result of the meeting of people who are just shaping their idea of ​​the condition of a painting with the perspective of Poznan educators, prof. Andrzej Leśnik, Dr. Agata Nowak and others. The exhibition reveals the enormous creative potential of these young people, their affirmative attitude to nature, painting, and the idea of ​​landscape, the development of which, I hope, will bring surprising artistic results for them and it will give us the opportunity to see a new inspiring creative voice.

Adam Nowaczyk

  • Author: o.petrenko
  • Published on: 10.10.2023, 12:15
  • Last edit: 10.10.2023, 12:15