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ALETHEIA | Urszula Ślusarczyk
Gallery Nowa Scena UAP, 28 Marcinkowskiego Ave.
Opening: 15.11.2023, 18:00
15.11 – 3.12.2023

The paintings presented at the exhibition are the result of current research that has been revolving around the “Greek trope” for some time. In particular, Crete is a place for me to experience a unique, multidimensional intensity, the impact of which I take to the studio. This experience combines elements of learning and discovering fragments of reality with the awareness of approaching the threshold of mystery. An important motif for me is the process of light emergence. From here we are close to the Greek concept of “Aletheia”, which Heidegger referred to the “infinite process of revealing”. To some extent, it is also close to the idea of ​​Buddhism, in which “light is considered the basis of knowledge, but also the principle of reality”[i].  

[i] Cf. Trzcińska Izabela, Introduction, in: Light, time, transcendence, under ed. Izabela Trzcińskia, Jagiellonian Univeristy Publishing House, Krakow 2007, p. 8-9.

Urszula Ślusarczyk,  

Studies at the Institute of Artistic Education of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, diploma in 1994. Employed as a professor of art at the Institute of Visual Arts at the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce. Scholarship holder of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. Winner of many awards and distinctions. Organizer of conferences and problem exhibitions. Author of 51 individual exhibitions and participant of 134 collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Since 2015, she has participated in International Open-air Workshops for Artists Using the Language of Geometry and in post-open-air exhibitions curated by Bożena Kowalska. Works in public and private collections in Poland and abroad: Poland, Italy, France, Spain, Slovenia, Germany, Mexico and the USA.

She practices painting (in the vein of meditative geometry), drawing and photography.

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