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It’s time to start the next season of Intermedia Cinema!

Open programme for UAP students. 

The second season of Intermedia Cinema will be special because it will be created in cooperation with Millennium Docs Against Gravity! Documentary films from the MDAG collection will diversify our repertoire over the next few months. They will become a portal to real and haptical worlds; worlds that can be known even through careful observation.

We will spend the inaugural meeting in Illinois, observing a group of maturing skaters. Don’t worry – we won’t spend two hours watching amateur clips recorded with a simple VHS camera and then posted on YouTube. “Minding the Gap” is definitely something more than just a collection of several-second recordings of evenings spent at the skate park. It is an efficient and intimate panorama of maturation, entering brazenly defiant adulthood, filled with fear and challenges that often exceed one’s experience. Through Bing Liu’s lens, adulthood becomes an unmastered trick that needs to be learned. Otherwise, the face meets hard asphalt.

The screening will take place in room 204, UAP (building C). We invite all (their) Intermedia Cinemaphiles (s) and their Friends!

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  • Author: o.petrenko
  • Published on: 22.11.2023, 10:42
  • Last edit: 22.11.2023, 10:42