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INTERMEDIA CINEMA S02E03 | “The Super 8 Years”
From the film collection of Millennium Docs Against Gravity
Open programme for UAP students.

6.12.2023, 18:00
UAP build. C, room 204

Annie Ernaux – a leading writer of French literature; a name without which the term “feminist literature” would be an incomplete, defective term. Together with their son, David, they invite us to the world of memories and pieces of the family past. This time, however, the portal to the never sufficiently explored family history is not only the written word, but the audiovisual word; a word that stimulates and irritates all the senses. An intimate Odyssey through family archives also becomes a spectacular journey through the map of the most important political and cultural events of recent decades.

The 8-mm camera turns out to be a wonderful observer and confessor who is not bound by the secret of confession and ruthlessly reveals to us the secrets of the past and doubts about the future.

The screening will take place in room 204, UAP (building C). We invite all Intermedia
Cinemaphiles(s) and their Friends!
Movie with English subtitles.
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  • Published on: 06.12.2023, 13:18
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