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IT| Agata Michowska
Gallery Szewska 16
Opening: 15.12.2023, 18;00

Agata Michowska

graduated from the Faculty of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. Over the years, her art has evolved from ascetic and strict in the form of spatial realizations, devoid of any references to the outside world, to the photographs, videos and sounds that constitute the record personal reflections on the elementary laws of life and death, creation and decay, transience and memory, affirmation and fear. Images and sounds, combined often with literary narrative, they bring us to the “point” in which, according to the universal principle, everything dies and everything is reborn itself again.

About her art she says: My thinking (…) was shaped by experiences related to sculpture, which from the beginning I understood not as object, but as the movement of an idea in time and space. (…) For me not its materialization and stopping is important, but its transformation, constant movement, liquidity and volatility. I see it as similar to the condition of a human, who is condemned to constant physical and spiritual transformation. Such a sculpture concept seems to me to be close to the essence of the film, which is a perfect combination of space, time and form subject to their action.

Agata Michowska runs the Video and Transmedia Narrative Studio at the Academy of Art in Szczecin and the Sculpture Studio at the Collegium da Vinci in Poznan.

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  • Published on: 08.12.2023, 09:59
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