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Noise means sound, buzz, disturbance

Opening: 8.02.2024, 18:00
Gallery Curators’LAB
12 Nowowiejskiego Str., Poznan

Artists: Michał Matejko, Lena Peplińska, Kama Sokolnicka, Maria Strze, Wiara Woj, Jakub Żwirełło

Curatorial team: Dawid Dzwonkowski, Jagoda Forycka, Maria Blanka Grzybowska, Kamil Gustaw Mizgala, Zuzanna Tetera

Noise means sound, buzz, disturbance

In the 18th century, the Irish philosopher George Berkeley asked whether a tree falling in the forest where no one can hear it makes any sound?

Sound is a mechanical wave of oscillating particles in a medium such as air, produced by energy disturbances. These waves travel through space, creating sound pressure that is perceived by the sense of hearing. Without ears capable of receiving, processing vibrations and converting them into signals, the very idea of ​​sound becomes merely an abstract possibility. It is we, as human beings, who give them meaning. We are not sure that we all perceive them the same way.

The exhibition “Noise means sound, buzz, disturbance” focuses on the sound and visual phenomena mentioned in the title, which are an indispensable part of urban life and landscape. In a small gallery space, stimuli are materialized in the form of an aesthetic relationship. The exhibition treats them as accompanying us at every turn. Experiencing them may be associated with both negative and positive feelings. The sound penetrating the gallery space, overwhelms the exhibition with its presence, covers all objects, marking them with vibrations and thus leaves traces, leaving no visitors indifferent.

Graphic design: Dawid Dzwonkowski

  • Author: o.petrenko
  • Published on: 24.01.2024, 13:58
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