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Urszula Blachnierek | Mutual Familiarization
Gallery Duża Scena UAP, 24 Wodna Str.
Opening: 9.02.2024, 18:00
Duration of exhibition: 9-21.02.2024

“Mutual familiarization”

is to draw attention to the fragility and delicacy of life,
a constant possibility of regeneration and change.
It is a dialogue that begins the moment you notice
abandoned and unwanted forms.
I try to listen and care,
but do not impose my will.
I follow what already exists,
build trust.
I want to believe that my actions make sense,
irrationality and absurdity,
stability and rationalism.
Working with chance is an attempt to trust yourself.
It is an attempt at dialogue that allows for symbiosis.
Becomes a different person,
however, IT also.

Urszula Blachnierek graduated with honors from Piotr Potworowski Poznan Secondary School of Fine Arts in 2020. Currently a fourth-year student of the Faculty of Sculpture at Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts Poznan. She deals with broadly understood sculpture, creating works based on figuration and abstraction.

Winner of The Henryk Starikiewicz Prize 2020, Special Award of the Center of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko at Józef Kopczyński 6th Biennial of Small Sculpture Form 2021, scientific scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage and the Marshal of the Greater Poland Voivodeship 2023. Her works could be seen at national and foreign exhibitions in Germany and Italy.

In the “Mutual Familiarization” exhibition, the artist enters into a dialogue with abandoned, unwanted forms (extending their life?). They become something/someone else, adapt what has been given to them, and at the same time dictate the conditions of their form. Driven by concern, she undertakes irrational, utopian actions that are based on trust in the possibilities initiated by the found objects. Blachnierek creates sculptures using natural materials, often combining them using contrasts.

  • Author: o.petrenko
  • Published on: 26.01.2024, 15:25
  • Last edit: 26.01.2024, 15:25