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Marta Sucherska | Layouts of repeatable modules

Gallery Duża Scena UAP, 24 Wodna Str.
Opening: 19.03, 18:00 
Duration of exhibition: 19-24.03.2024
Curator: Jan Matusewicz

By observing an abstract sculpture, we have the opportunity to look at how three-dimensional shapes assume and convey meanings. The exhibition of a set of spatial objects involves the presentation of several objects made of plaster and in the spirit of ready-made, assemblage and arrangements of repeating modules.

Is it art or just a platform, a display for an abstract sculpture?
Is it the back of a poang chair or the flexible skeleton of an art installation?

“We should allow abstract sculptures to demonstrate to us the full range of thoughts and feelings that an object representing nothing in particular can convey.”

Alain de Botton

The group of sculptures at the exhibition, a set of unknown signs arranged in a code, were created from objects, everyday items that (after) losing their original functions were hidden “for now”.

As a final gesture of trying to preserve their importance and existence, the dad who hoards this junk (like many others before and after him) passes on his “nazas” to his daughter. This daughter became a sculptor and this is where the history of junk ends and the life of ready-made objects, assemblages, or more broadly sculptures begins.

The cream-colored cuboid is covered with plaster modules. One wall is missing because it is a plinth-base of the sofa. Using this open object as a carrier-pedestal for her sculptural forms, the artist wants to show the emptiness that is in every thing. The sofa is actually empty inside, only the fabric covering gives the impression that we are dealing with a monolith. Everything is only seemingly over.

Question: does the finished object used to create a sculpture introduce a broader context to the work and connect with the work, becoming with it a completely new quality and meaning? Maybe as an entity it has its own autonomy within the work?

Text: Jan Matusewicz

Marta Sucherska – born in 1995 in Gdansk. Sculptor and visual artist. A graduate of
the Faculty of Sculpture at Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts Poznan,
where she defended her master’s degree with distinction in 2020. She participated in
and co-organized many collective exhibitions. She is also the author of several
individual exhibitions. She looks for inspiration among others in everyday life and in
her own experiences. One of the motifs often used by the artist is a self-portrait,
which takes various forms, from photography to conceptual sculptures. The material
most often used by the artist is plaster. The artist’s current work focuses on activities
related to a kind of recycling.

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  • Published on: 19.02.2024, 13:59
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