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2023. The year of Paweł Edmund Strzelecki

Courtyard of the City Hall
17 Kolegiacki sq.


Exhibition of posters by students of the I Poster Studio at the Faculty of Graphics and Visual Communication UAP

Students participating in the exhibition:

Aleksandra Rybowska, Aleksandra Kozak, Cristiana Niculae, Dominika Jaczewska, Jakub Franczak, Joanna Lisiecka, Julia Kuć, Karol Bachewicz, Maja Myszkowiak, Marcel Przybył, Marta Ramón Garrido, Nataliia Hordiienko, Natallia Shkraba, Oliwia Modzelewska, Patrycja Walczak, Zuzanna Kaczmarek

The atmosphere in our studio reminds me of Jan Matejko’s painting “The Battle of Grunwald”. Students from Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, France, China and Japan are coming forward with their projects. We treat everyone equally fairly (height, beauty and gender do not matter here). Together with the students, we ask ourselves: are we creative and why? We teach them unconventional thinking and how to avoid beaten paths and patterns. German journalist Urlich Schnabel (Die Zeit), in his book, the title of which I will give at the end of the quote, wrote very clearly and accurately about creativity: “If we allowed only the part of the brain that is logical, rational and painfully literal to speak, we would not discover anything new. Because creativity is metaphorical, intuitive, and requires going beyond existing patterns and templates. It requires inventing alternative worlds. We won’t move forward without them.”

Theme “2023. The Year of Paweł Edmund Strzelecki” was implemented as one of the topics of the Studio in the winter semester 2023/2024.

I Poster Studio
Prof. dr hab. Grzegorz Marszałek
Acting Head of Studio: dr Marcin Markowski ad

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