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Implementation and study_vol.6. NOTES on ideas, concepts and projects | Department of Design and Guests

Gallery Design UAP, 9 Wolnica Str.
Duration of exhibition: 9.03. – 06.04.2024
Finissage: Thursday 04.04.2024, 18:00

Curatorial tour
– Saturday 09.03.2024 – 11:00
– Thursday 04.04.2024 – 17:00

Curators: Bogumiła Jung, Agnieszka Mazurek, Karolina Tylka-Tomczyk


Michał Filipiak
Jakub Garstkiewicz
Magdalena Grenda
Bogumiła Jung
Dariusz Kuźma
Agnieszka Mazurek
Małgorzata Paruch-Piotrowska
Bartłomiej Pawlak
Łukasz Stawarski
Kamila Szcześniak
Karolina Tylka-Tomczyk

Patronage: Design Association SPFP

Another edition of the exhibition

Implementation and study_vol.6 / Department of Design and Guests

– raises new threads in the presentation of creativity in the area of ​​DESIGN.

This activity ranges from large-scale design for industry, through the implementation of short series, to experimenting in individual objects. All these categories complement each other, creating a broad, contemporary design trend that is a real expression of the material culture of our times. They allow to create the so-called added value that enriches our reality, improving our functioning on many different levels. Because designers, at the source of their work, primarily focus on the needs of the user – especially those with special requirements.

This year’s exhibition theme: NOTES on ideas, concepts and projects

– presents the entire spectrum of possible notation of what is important in design. Both at the very beginning, when a note is created with a record of thoughts, a registration of an idea, a sketch of a concept, a drawing – in all the richness of its techniques and forms. And then NOTING next steps: fragments of drawings and studies of design documentation, sometimes very complex and multi-element. Sometimes working mock-ups and/or spatial models are also created, made of various materials and modeled using various technologies.

Each activity of designers is based on recording subsequent stages of the design process. Starting with the analysis and development of thoughts, expanding the scope for the proposed idea, through noting different versions and checking working variants, examining contexts, specifying, developing details, up to the final verification of the project and its validation. This happens regardless of whether the work is carried out individually or in a smaller or larger team. Each such NOTE is a visual form of communication – between the creator and himself, but also with other participants of the project team, with executors and, finally, with recipients.

Another part of this communication is the story about the product and its image created during promotion and advertising, which sometimes creates the strongest picture of an item, forming its lasting NOTE in the minds of users.

The authors of all works presented at the exhibition are research and teaching staff employed at the Department of Design – Faculty of Architecture and Design of Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts Poznan and invited guests.

The exhibition is held under the patronage of the SPFP Design Association – the most important organization associating people professionally involved in design in Poland, belonging to the European association BEDA – The Bureau of European Design Associations.

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  • Published on: 06.03.2024, 10:12
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