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Gallery Curators’LAB, 12 Nowowiejskiego Str.
Opening: 7.03.2024, 18:00
Duration of exhibition: 7.03-4.04.2024

Artists: Antonina Karczewska, Olga Przepiórka, Matylda Uszyńska, Dorota Jakubiak, Alicja Jóźwiak, Urszula Niklas, Zofia Koprowska, Hanna Muszyńska, Mateusz Leszczyński, Ida Piotrowska.

Curatorial team: Izabela Kowalczyk and 1st year  M.A. students from the Curatorial Studies and Theory of Art. The exhibition presents artistic works created in the Workshops of the Interdisciplinary Department of the Faculty of Artistic Education and Curatorial Studies at the University of the Arts.

The people running the faculty workshops were asked to send applications of student works relating to the concept of inclusiveness, and then the students of the curatorial workshops selected the works for the exhibition. It turned out that most of the submitted works concerned gender issues.

Although we are aware that inclusiveness is a much broader term and also concerns, among other things, the issue of access for less mobile people or people with disabilities, we decided to stick to this title of the exhibition.

It seems that the submitted works correspond primarily to what currently concerns students and relates to the problems they encounter on a daily basis.

The works presented at the exhibition point to the need to counteract exclusions, ask about the language we use and the issue of representing women and queer people in the public sphere. They also touch on the problem of accepting one’s own body, finding positive models for self-presentation and the need to detaboo issues such as menstruation or pharmacological transition. The exhibition is an accompanying event to the “Community Weaves” conference prepared by the Faculty of Artistic Education and Curatorial Studies (March 8-9, 2024).

  • Author: o.petrenko
  • Published on: 01.03.2024, 15:14
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