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Monika Shaded | My house flows without doors and windows

Gallery Szewska 16, Szewska 16
Opening: 6.03.2024, 18.00 
Duration of exhibition: 6-23.03.2024  

Curatorial team:
Natalia Czarcińska
Jerzy Muszyński
Dorota Tarnowska-Urbanik

Monika Shaded

born in 1983 in Ciechanów. In 2008, she graduated from the Magdalena Abakanowicz  University of the Arts Poznan, Faculty of Artistic Education and Curatorial Studies in the field of art criticism and promotion, and art pedagogy. In the same year, she obtained her diploma in painting. In 2013, she obtained a PhD in fine arts, in the artistic discipline of fine arts. She is an assistant professor at the 8th Painting Studio at the Faculty of Painting and Drawing of the University of the Arts.

She received scholarships from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage (2007/2008), scientific scholarships from the Marshal of the Greater Poland Voivodeship (2008), artistic scholarships from the City of Poznan (2012) and the Rector’s Award of the University of Science and Technology (2015). In 2023, she took second place in the International 4th Biennial of Artistic Textiles in Poznan.

She presented her works, among others: at Galeria Miejska Arsenał in Poznan, Galeria BWA in Bydgoszcz, Galeria BWA in Piła. Was involved in various artistic education projects among children, youth and adults, she also taught painting and drawing classes at the National Museum in Poznan (2014-2019).

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  • Published on: 04.03.2024, 12:49
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