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monster | Martyna Pakuła 

Gallery Duża Scena UAP, 24 Wodna Str. 
Opening: 28.03.2024, 18:00
Duration of exhibition: 28.03-14.04.2024

monster is the experience of invisible suffering from another person. Thousands of seemingly insignificant events that create uncertainty. These are long hours of talking to the wall, where words lose their value and get lost in the void. The monster is the growing loneliness and slow detachment from oneself. It’s an escape attempt that comes full circle.

The monster is emotional violence in partnerships. It is a phenomenon that happens every day but is rarely noticed or discussed. It is something that remains invisible to outsiders, even to the victim him/herself. Emotional abuse is often masked by seemingly normal social interactions, and yet its effects can be as painful and destructive as physical abuse.

  • Author: o.petrenko
  • Published on: 18.03.2024, 12:56
  • Last edit: 18.03.2024, 12:56