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REINTERPRETATIONS | Exhibition by students from the Studio of Open Art Interpretations

Gallery Design, 9 Wolnica Str.

Curator: Aleksander Radziszewski
Opening: 15.04.2024, 18:00

The exhibition presents the works and projects of students from the Studio of Open Art Interpretations, whose starting point was reflections on specific works of other artists, creative attitudes and various theories and concepts in the field of art. The resulting REINTERPRETATIONS are works that enter into dialogue with other works, in a sense paying homage to them, or in opposition to them, thus taking an extremely critical approach. And sometimes, they are simply a development and update of a certain artistic thought. Nevertheless, each of these activities led to the creation of works and projects of a completely original nature, providing space for building new and – importantly – contemporary forms and meanings.

The entire exhibition is in black and white, emphasizing the sometimes poetic tone of the works presented there.

All works were created as part of classes at the Studio of Open Art Interpretations, headed by prof. Ph.D. Rafał Łubowski, assistant – Aleksander Radziszewski, M.A.

  • Author: o.petrenko
  • Published on: 26.03.2024, 15:25
  • Last edit: 09.04.2024, 15:01