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𓍯 Join us for a clothing swap 𓍯

→ 12/04


→ 4th floor of build. H UAP,  28 Marcinkowskiego Ave.

We encourage you to start spring cleaning and refresh your closets!!! 

During the swap you will find new second-hand (or whatever) gems and let go of old clothes you no longer wear. Overproduction and wasting clothes is a global issue. Every year thousands of tons of textiles end their lives in landfills. Let’s close the loop, albeit on a local scale, by sharing and reusing clothes. 

Sign up through the form is mandatory (read the regulations before you fill it out): 


application form: 

matronage: Maja Chaczyńska, Paulina Płaneta, Zosia Sałasińska, Liza Stecko, Monika Czyżniewska, Magda Kłosowska, Zuza Szczepańska

gfx: Maja Chaczynska 

  • Author: o.petrenko
  • Published on: 04.04.2024, 09:20
  • Last edit: 04.04.2024, 09:20