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Workshop: Demystifying Font Licensing

Tutor: Joyce Ketterer, Darden Studio CEO, Owner (NY)

📆 01/06/2024

🕒 03:00–06:00 PM

📍 Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts Poznan

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💲 Fee: each participant is asked to make a donation to a good purpose NGO and send a transfer confirmation.

Workshop will be held onsite, in English.


About the workshop:

When you ‘buy’ fonts, you purchase limited rights to use them. In this workshop with the Darden Studio CEO Joyce Ketterer, End User License Agreements (EULAs) will be discussed from both perspectives, as a type foundry protecting their work, and as a font user utilizing fonts for commercial and non-commercial purposes.


The purpose of this workshop is to demystify font licensing. After three hours all participants know how font licensing works and are familiar with the wide range of types of licensing. Also, by discussing actual licenses participants get over the fear of reading legal documents and get ready to license their owns fonts.


Darden Studio creates typefaces for contemporary technical and design expectations. Joyce Ketterer, CEO Darden Studio, taught this workshop to over 300 people at Typographics, AtypI, Typecon, Fontstand and online. 

It is useful for both customers and font makers and can be taught in a mixed group. In fact, the wider variation in experience the attendees have, the better the workshop.

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