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Chance for international friendships!
ESN Buddy Program opens the recruitment for winter semester 2024/2025!

What is it though?

– The ESN Buddy Program is a mentoring program run by the Erasmus Student Network that pairs students of Poznan with international exchange students.
Poznan students act as Mentors, while Erasmus+ students act as Mentee.
– The essence of the program is to support incoming students in finding their way in the foreign country where they will spend the next six months.
A mentor, depending on the needs, can be useful in: understanding tram schedules, showing around the university, pointing out the nearest shops/pharmacies, introducing them to basic elements of the law, picking up from the station, etc.
– Despite the righteousness of the goal, it is not the achievement of the goal that is the most beautiful feature of the program, but the friendships that are formed in its course and last regardless of time and distance.
We wholeheartedly wish you such friendships!

– Till 16.07 we gather Mentor applications,
– We organise the applications in data base
– 20.08 we finish pairing the participants. Expect an massage from us. We will send you all neccesary contact details to your paired Erasmus student.

Wanna join? Great!
All it takes is to fill that form: wait for the message!

Join to our group for Mentors on WhatsApp:

In case of questions, contact us:
Jakub Parzęcki
ESN Buddy Program Coordinator
ESN Poznan

  • Author: o.petrenko
  • Published on: 19.06.2024, 10:42
  • Last edit: 19.06.2024, 10:42