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What’s Next? Creation and Intercultural Commoning in Uncertain Times
CAPS Summer School at UAP
June 5-7, 2024

UAP build. H, 28 Marcinkowskiego Ave., room I/1

What’s Next? Landscapes of Unknown
Gallery Duża Scena UAP, 24 Wodna Str.
Opening: 5.06.2024, 18:00
Duration of exhibition: 5 – 16.06.2024

Artists: Alice Rosenthal, Gaelle Yacoubi, Lauren Tortil, Shirin Jindani, Laia Montero, Joanna Czarnota

The exhibition presents works by artists from various countries who share a poetic approach to places and events. All of them are deeply rooted in the present, although some of them focus on the past. However, the common thread is mental and sensual experiences related to identity and the uncertainty of tomorrow.

The exhibition was carried out in cooperation with the CAPS academic consortium and the University of Rennes (France).

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  • Published on: 03.06.2024, 13:52
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