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Witch Hunt. Non-places of memory (diploma exhibition)
Exhibition opening: 15.06-18.06, 11:00-17:00
Finissage: 17.06 18:00
Venue: UAP Design Gallery, 9 Wolnica Str., Poznan

Non-places of memory is a term used in the context of places that are not officially recognized, commemorated or protected as historical or national memory sites, but which have significance for collective memory, often through their symbolism or the events that took place there. Unlike memorials, such as museums, monuments or war cemeteries, non-memorials can be forgotten, neglected or even unknown to the general public. Their essence is that they store memory in an informal way and often require some effort on the part of people to find and understand their meaning.

The exhibition Witch Hunt. Places of Non-Memory is based on the fictional biography of a witch Krystyna Diament. The exhibition is inspired by real and symbolic events, addressing the role of nature in today’s world and our historical memory. Witch Hunt offers a different perspective on reflecting on the past, encouraging us to think about justice for past victims of persecution and our relationship with nature. It’s a story of memory that prompts reflection on what it means to be part of history and nature.

Graduation exhibition realized in the 6th UAP Graphics Studio – spatial and intermedia graphics, led by dr. Witold Modrzejewski

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  • Published on: 10.06.2024, 12:52
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