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Head of the Studio: dr Agata Ciesielska-Shovkun, ad.
Assistant: mgr Magdalena Polakowska
Location: building G / room 212

In the studio the main areas of interest will be: self-acceptance, coexistence and co-creation. What are artistic interactions? It is the interaction between the work of art and the viewer. Conscious creative efforts consisting in mutually influencing one’s perception of reality. The tool for communication with the recipient is art – intermedia, traditional, innovative, interactive. In the studio, you will be able to face issues related to intimacy in a broad sense: corporeality, love, intimacy, privacy, and social problems such as: sexualization of women and men, the population of voyeurs, population of tik tok, and instagram. Students create concepts of original workshops/social activities/artistic interactions that will comment directly and establish a dialogue with the local audience or a wider audience. The choice of medium will depend on the concept of the project. An important element is to learn about the issues related to planning your artistic activities, generating ideas and their appropriate presentation. Students will have the opportunity to work in groups in which they prepare and carry out their own workshops with a selected target group.

End-of-year exhibition 2022/2023

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