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Head of Studio: dr hab. Krzysztof Kwiatkowski
Location: building B / room 305

In our Studio, we design packaging and analyze its following contexts: relations with the viewer (ergonomics and communication), relations with the producer (economics and technology), relations with the seller (perception, marketing, exhibiting) aesthetics and culture (tradition). We begin with introductory exercises, practical classes are taught in the form of consultations on given topics. Students, during the semester, usually work on two projects chosen from a given list of topics – one of them is finalized with a physical model, second – with a graphic presentation. Teaching process is supplemented with short theoretical lectures and 3D modelling workshops.

End-of-year exhibition 2022/2023
End-of-year exhibition 2021/2022
End-of-year exhibition 2020/2021
End-of-year exhibition 2019/2020

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  • Published on: 10.08.2023, 10:42
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