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Head of the Studio: dr hab. Konstancja Pleskaczyńska, prof. UAP
Assistant: mgr Rozalia Świtalska
Location: building E / room 51

In the studio, we undertake design topics related to the broadly understood public space meant for social integration, creating opportunities for positive interaction. The role of the designer is to create a space that will attract and hold people: a space that is attractive, interesting, alluring, and at the same time meets the conditions related to functionality and ergonomics. In our studio, we also undertake design problems related to public space, in which we emphasize the functionality of interiors with a clear and optimally developed space with equal attention to aesthetic values, details, and appropriate selection of materials. Our goal is to create spaces marked by the creator’s own unique personality. The studio often cooperates with external stakeholders.

End-of-year exhibition 2022/2023
End-of-year exhibition 2021/2022
End-of-year exhibition 2020/2021
End-of-year exhibition 2019/2020

  • Author: o.petrenko
  • Published on: 04.08.2023, 12:55
  • Last edit: 27.09.2023, 11:31