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Head of the Studio: prof. dr hab. Marek Wasilewski
Assistant: mgr Karolina Kubik
Location: building C / room 208

The curriculum of the studio focuses on the study of very diverse contemporary artistic practices. We encourage discussions on the definition of art in the time of cultural, social, and technological changes.

The aim of the studio is to familiarise students with the possibilities of the art of moving image in a digital environment. We draw from the history and aesthetics of video art. At the same time, we search for new artistic, social, and emotional contexts in which video art could develop and critically analyse its own language, different from the aesthetic codes of cinematography.

We are interested in a work of art as a misunderstanding. We discuss its social and cultural effects over the past forty years. The task of the studio is to enable its participants to learn the specifics of the intermedia character of art with active participation in shaping the media space in their artistic and social dimensions.

Every year we also conduct a film seminar, analyzing the relationships between artistic creativity and broadly understood reality in the context of public and private space.


I. social life of animals – suggested for BA students

II. to bestialize / to animalize (in search of positive aspects of the term) – suggested for MA students, larger research based project

III. antidocumentary / nondocumentary

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  • Published on: 04.08.2023, 11:51
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