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Head of Studio: prof. dr hab. Dominik Lejman
Assistant: mgr Ewa Kubiak
Location: building F / room 6, 7

Classes at the studio, along with the overall usage of the traditional means of expression, undertake the subject of teaching painting in a broader form. Painting becomes a tool of critical reflection based on optics relevant for this discipline. The studio’s program doesn’t lay stress on a particular kind of technique, however the tuition is held in reference to the resources of the history of art and simultaneously in a strong context of the most recent art. Within the studio program cyclical author’s presentations by the studio leaders and the students are being held (obligatory for the master studies).

End-of-year exhibition 2022/2023
End-of-year exhibition 2021/2022
End-of-year exhibition 2020/2021
End-of-year exhibition 2019/2020

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  • Published on: 10.08.2023, 13:51
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