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Head of the Studio: dr hab. Diana Fiedler, prof. UAP
dr hab. Ewa Kulesza, prof. UAP
Location: building F / room 9

The purview of drawing is constantly expanding. It assimilates elements from other disciplines and media, and correlates with the blurring of the boundaries between them. In Studio VI we place no limit on the choice of tools or media. In addition, we explore drawing through various ways of thinking, and as a way of thinking. The aim is to have the ideas and materials inform and permeate each other. The studio supports individual exploration and research through interdisciplinary drawing. It is a place where drawing might approach and enter an expanded field: experimental and open. The fact that the studio consists of students from various faculties – including those students from other countries – is an advantage to a studio of this kind, and contributes greatly to the work that takes place in the studio and its critical discussion.

Through group discussion you will learn to address questions independently, to perceive things openly and critically, and to articulate those thoughts and impressions within your own work and that of others. The studio operates during the hours allocated for drawing studios and as a free-choice studio. Open to undergraduate and graduate students of all faculties and years, Study in English students, Erasmus exchange students. Undergraduate and Master’s diplomas can be completed in the studio.

End-of-year exhibition 2022/2023

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