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Head of Studio: dr Anna Kędziora
Assistant: mgr Maksymilian Radawski
Location: building B / room 102

NeoPhotography Studio is maintained in an intermedia character. The specificity of the curriculum combines the photographic image with other forms of artistic expression (media), such as drawing, spatial forms, video, graphics, sculpture, painting and design. The aim of the classes is the free use of the medium of photography as a contemporary language of artistic and design creativity, as well as creative transgression and expansion – in technical, aesthetic and artistic terms – of the traditional ways of conceiving and producing photographic images.

Currently, general issues constituting the programme of the Studio include relations between image and object, image and text, anthropology and semantics of images, archetypes and symbols in contemporary culture, memory and subconsciousness: individual and collective, poetry as an objection, other cultures as a source of inspiration, creative aspects of relations between tradition and contemporaneity, „Third Reality” (a hybrid of reality and virtuality), individuality and collectivity in the culture of fluidity, violence of images in pop culture, reinvention of the object. The character of the Studio and the issues it deals with are based on the understanding of photography as strongly connected with reality in its broadest sense. The photographic image is treated as a „report from presence” and a record of relations with the world.

End-of-year exhibition 2022/2023
End-of-year exhibition 2021/2022

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