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Head of Studio: dr. hab. Jarosław Klupś, prof. UAP
Assistant: dr Kamila Kobierzyńska
Location: building B / room 103, 104, 107

Latent Images Studio is a place of artistic experiments in the field of imaging forms related to the materiality and uniqueness of a photographic image. We are interested in processes and phenomena accompanying the creation of photography, as well as in (re)interpretation of existing visual materials and creation of original narrations in various forms of publishing.

Through experiences with photosensitivity, historical methods of imaging – starting from experiments related to 19th century photogenic drawings by William H.F. Talbot or camera obscura phenomena – we enable students to find themselves as pioneers of photography, learning the language of photography by experiencing its various forms.

Following the fascination with the materiality of photography and its tradition, a photographic book has naturally appeared within the scope of the Studio’s activities. For several years now, within the framework of the Selected Artistic Studio, as a proposal for students of photography and other faculties of the University, the II Studio of Photography has been implementing an editorial and publishing program. Students prepare artistic photographic publications – photobooks, zines, photo folders, unusual and original publications of book character in author’s edition.

End-of-year exhibition 2022/2023
End-of-year exhibition 2021/2022

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