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Residence Programme in English

Apart from degree programmes, the University of the Arts Poznan also offers a Residence Programme for international candidates.

This programme is available for one or two semesters (corresponding to the semester of the UAP academic year). The aim of the residency is to give international candidates a possibility to improve their skills in different areas of fine arts and design and to give a great opportunity of self development. Residence do not follow one particular programme. Instead residents are free to choose studios according to their interests and previous experience.

Residency at UAP is a non-degree programme, participants do not receive any diploma, however they are provided with a detailed transcript of records that includes classes they attended and grades received.

Residency is a commercial programme and the tuition fees for the academic year 2023/2024 are as follows:
• EUR 2 085 for one semester
• EUR 4 170 for one year

All fees should be made to the following account:
Account holder: Uniwersytet Artystyczny im. Magdaleny Abakanowicz w Poznaniu
Address: Al. Karola Marcinkowskiego 29, 60–967 Poznan, Poland
Bank: PKO BP
Address: ul. Puławska 15, 02–515 Warszawa
Account number: PL 94 1020 4027 0000 1802 1425 6764
Title: Tuition fee, field of study, level, name and surname of the student
Example title: Tuition fee, residency programme, John Smith
Deadlines for making the payments:
• October 2nd, 2023 (for the winter semester)
• January 31st, 2024 (for the spring semester)


1. Statutory interest is charged on fees paid after the deadline.
2. In the event of arrears for more than 3 months results in a removal from the list of students.
3. The fees are non-refundable except for the following situations:
• Dean’s leave
• resignation from studies due to health reasons supported by a medical certificate
• resignation from studies due to other unforeseen circumstances
4. In the event of a difficult financial situation of or taking up another field of studies which requires paying another tuition fee, a foreigner may apply to the Rector for a reduction of tuition fees or exemption from fees.

Rector’s Ordinance no. 82/2022/2023 signed on July 12, 2023


Required documents:

  • application form (to be found online)
  • cover letter
  • portfolio

Applicants are not required to pay any enrollment fee while applying.

Deadline for submitting application documents is September 15th.

Applicants are requested to send complete set of application documents to the following email address:

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