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Modes of study:

  • full-time first-cycle studies (BA 3 years)
  • full-time second-cycle studies (MA 2 years)

Description of the field of study:

The degree programme in Furniture Design at the Faculty of Architecture and Design of the University of the Arts Poznan is a unique degree programme among other Polish art schools. The new formula of the programme focuses on continuous development and innovative approach to furniture design. This is why our graduates stand out from others on the dynamically changing job market.  This degree programme includes courses that enhance the ability to create innovative projects that meet the aesthetic, technological and market criteria. The curriculum also includes logic, aesthetics, ethics and sustainable design. Courses are mostly practical – students work in studios of furniture design, architecture, product and landscape design.  Practical courses are complemented by general courses and courses from the field of fine arts. The curriculum is aimed at preparing students to cooperate with industry and individual clients. Assignments given to students are a mixture of individual work and group projects such as experiments, research, innovative projects and projects set for serial production.  The curriculum also includes open-air workshops and furniture workshops, competitions and promotional exhibitions. Students take internships in factories and manufacturing plants.

Types of courses:

Lectures, multimedia presentations, analytical studies, prototyping and modelling workshops, manufacturing furniture in 1:1 scale, individual supervisory meetings, panel discussions devoted to furniture design.

  • Author: Szymon Dolata
  • Published on: 18.06.2018, 11:42
  • Last edit: 09.12.2022, 10:36