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Modes of study:

  • full-time first-cycle studies (BA 3 years)
  • full-time second-cycle studies (MA 2 years)

Description of the field of study:

The curriculum enables students to get acquainted with different ideological and methodological approaches to the field of study and inspires individual creative activity. The studies are based on solid workshop practice and theoretical reflection in the context of contemporary culture and tradition It enables the acquisition of unique artistic competence in the broadly understood painting and prepare for independent creative work on the basis of classical and modern technologies of painting. Professionalism is combined with knowledge of social and market conditions of artistic work. All artistic and theoretical courses are taught based on original curricula. The teaching staff ot the Faculty of Painting and Drawing are active artists, cultural animators, art critics and theorists. The Faculty cooperates with many universities, research and exhibition institutions in Poland and abroad. Our students and graduates take part in prestigious exhibitions and competitions and have won many awards and distinctions.

The Faculty is planning to open:

  • Laboratory of Mapping and Street Art – its main task will be to familiarize students with the possibilities offered by new technologies.
  • Laboratory of Art Book – an extension to the curriculum of Painting Techniques Studio, Textile and Fiber Studio and newly opened Comics Studio.The aim is to deepen knowledge about paper conservation technology.
  • Comics Studio – the studio will operate on the base of exchange of comics artists. Students will acquire skills in using modern media and drawing tools. Classes will be open for students of UAP and secondary schools students (in order to familiarize them with the offer of the Faculty of Painting and Drawing).

Types of courses:

Painting is a full-time degree programme. A separate study programme has been prepared for each study level.   

BA students acquire knowledge in the field of art history, with particular emphasis on painting and contemporary culture. They learn the basics of painting, develop artistic awareness and social competences. They prepare for independent creative work with the use of classic and modern painting techniques and learn to combine their work with knowledge of its social and market conditions. Students are equipped with basic research skills – they learn to formulate and analyze  research problems, to select proper research methods and tools and to develop and present results of their research. Graduate of BA studies: may work as an artist (free profession) that has well-developed painting and drawing competences or as an animator of culture in institutions managing cultural resources.  As a result of the Bologna Process, graduates may also enroll for MA studies at their home university, as well as at other art and non-artistic universities in Poland and abroad. The graduates also have general knowledge of financial, marketing and legal aspects of the profession of artist.

MA students deepen their knowledge about history and theory of culture, contemporary art and develop their skills, artistic awareness, social competences and their own creative activity. MA studies are intended to be a dialogue based on the cooperation between the main studio, MA artistic studio  and supplementary studios. Theoretical support that helps to develop research workshop is based on MA seminar and a proseminar and consolidates all years of knowledge while preparing the student for the diploma. Graduate of MA studies: may work as an independent artist (free profession). Moreover, thanks to the open structure of the University, that makes it possible to obtain interdisciplinary knowledge, graduates can work s in the fields related to the broadly understood visual culture (art and design).

  • Author: Szymon Dolata
  • Published on: 18.06.2018, 12:07
  • Last edit: 09.12.2022, 10:36