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Mode of studies:

  • full-time first-cycle studies (BA 3 years)
  • full-time second-cycle studies (MA 2 years)

Description of the field of study:

The Department of Stage Design comprises 3 stage design studios: Stage Design Studio I, Studio of Theatrical Phenomena and Studio of the Architecture of Spectacle. Each of them conducts interdisciplinary research, project and artistic activities aimed at conscious and responsible shaping of the visual identity of the stage and its surroundings. The actor is the subject of design. Stage design also refers to the creation of occasional space (outdoor theatre, television studio, exhibitions, shows,festivals, parades, etc.). The Department of Fashion Design is composed of 3 studios: Clothing Design Studio, Unique Fashion Design Studio and Theater Costume Studio.

The curriculum of each studio puta emphasis on developing students’ creativity. Unique Fashion Design Studio fulfills the need to implement new ideas. Every year, students can select different studios. The Department of Fashion Design in cooperation with the the Department of Stage Design organizes exhibitions of students’ works, open-air workshops and professional internships. The Department cooperates with theatres, where our students gain practical knowledge, working as assistants to stage and costume designers.

Types of courses:

Students of Stage Design have an opportunity to select their main Faculty studio and two supplementary studios. Moreover, students can attend art studios operating at the other Faculties of the UAP. The individual development of artistic and design personalities is enhanced by theoretical and practical courses in the field of design communication techniques and specialized software.

  • Author: Szymon Dolata
  • Published on: 18.06.2018, 12:28
  • Last edit: 09.12.2022, 10:36