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§ 1


1. Unless exempted, the students of University of the Arts Poznan English Programs (hereinafter referred to as “Students”), either citizens of the Republic of Poland, or those not bearing Polish citizenship (the latter hereinafter referred to as “Foreign Students”) are obliged to obey the law of the Republic of Poland, observe the applicable University Rules and other regulations imposed by the relevant authorities of University of the Arts Poznan (hereinafter referred to as ”UAP”) to the same extent as other UAP students.

2. Failure to observe the University Rules and / or other regulations imposed by UAP authorities may result in subjecting the offender to disciplinary proceedings.

3. The Foreign Students are not eligible for Polish state funded scholarships at UAP. UAP may establish a scholarship scheme for the Foreign Students that is funded otherwise.

4. The Foreign Students are obliged to obey General Regulations of the University of the Arts Poznan.

§ 2


1. The applicants will be admitted to UAP according to the enrolment procedure described below.

2. Before the deadline quoted in UAP website, the applicants should:

  • deliver UAP application form via e-mail. The form are available in the University website. Other required documents and a portfolio should be attached with the application (see the website for details),
  • pay the enrolment fee, the amount of which will be noted in UAP website in advance; the enrolment fee is a non-refundable single charge intended to cover the cost of the recruitment proceedings, in particular that of the verification and assessment of the applicant documents for recognition, and of the issuance of the Admission Letter.

3. The applicant’s original certificates and / or diplomas (previously scanned and delivered to the University by the student via e-mail) will be verified for their recognition. Should the relevant educational authority or a UAP department find it not possible to recognize a certificate / diploma, the applicant will be notified of the non-admission via e-mail. The enrolment fee will not be reimbursed.

4. Should the applicant’s certificates and / or diplomas be found recognizable. Enrolment committee will be set up for each Faculty of UAP. UAP enrolment committee will assess the cover letter attached with the application form and the applicant’s portfolio according to the schedule available in the University website. Each applicant’s enrolment documents will be revised by the members of the Faculty the candidate is applying for. The following procedure and criteria shall apply:

a) the committee will assess the cover letter and the portfolio and award 0-15 points (total),

  • up to 5 points can be earned for the cover letter,
  • up to 10 points can be earned for the portfolio,

b) receiving a minimum of 10 points is a prerequisite for the candidate to enrol, applicants will be notified of the enrolment procedure results via e-mail.

5. The enrolled candidate shall pay one year’s tuition to the bank account provided in the UAP website within the deadline stated therein. The amount of the tuition is quoted in the website as well. Failure to transfer the funds before deadline will be considered as applicant’s resignation.

6. After the one year’s tuition fee is confirmed to have been transferred to the UAP account, the applicants who are not Polish citizens will receive the Admission Letter to assist them in applying for the Polish visa in the Polish diplomatic posts in the applicant’s home countries.

7. The student will deliver the original copies of the application form attachments, in particular of the certificates and diplomas, prior to the beginning of the academic year and in accordance with the schedule available in the UAP website. Then, the student and UAP will sign an education contract, the template of which was attached with the application form. UAP renders its Students assistance in the diploma and / or certificate recognition procedures free of charge.

§ 3

Changes in the course of studies

1. No transfer is possible between the English Program and the Polish Program.

2. No transfer is possible to UAP from another university.

3. A student may receive credits for the subject they have studied previously at another university or under another program at UAP. A prerequisite for the recognition of earlier credits it is for the student to apply at the Dean. The Dean will determine the documentation to be produced by the Student and will decide whether the credits can be recognized. The University will nor reimburse a share of the tuition proportional to the amount of classes that the Student does not attend due to the recognition of the previous credits.

§ 4

 Insurance policy and the right to reside in the Republic of Poland

1. A Student should have a valid health insurance that allows them to use the health care in Poland free of charge. Failure to fulfill this obligation by the student shall exempt the University from any responsibility for covering the cost of the student’s health care in Poland. Students who bear international health insurance policies will be strongly advised to apply for a complementary insurance at the Polish National Healthcare Fund (the NFZ) that automatically entitles the policy bearer to free emergency care. UAP will assist the Students in applying for such insurance directly at the NFZ.

2. A Student should make sure that his / her stay in Poland is legal and should deliver a copy of an appropriate document at the registrar’s office (e.g. valid student visa or temporary residence permit) by 30th October of the initial academic year. A Student is also requested to deliver a copy of a document that confirms that his / her stay in Poland is legal after the original visa / temporary residence permit has expired.

UAP International Office
Agnieszka Gronowska

address: Plac Wielkopolski 9, room 307 (building C)
61-746 Poznan, Poland

phone: +48/61/8522721
phone: +48/61/8530018 ext.107

  • Author: Szymon Dolata
  • Published on: 18.06.2018, 10:47
  • Last edit: 12.01.2024, 14:36