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Tuition fee for students accepted to studies in the academic year 2024/2025

Studies in Polish:

– first-cycle studies – EUR 1.085 per semester (EUR 2.170 per academic year),
– second-cycle studies – EUR 1.585 per semester (EUR 3.170 per academic year),
– uniform master’s studies – EUR 1.335 (EUR 2.670 per academic year).

Studies in English:

– first-cycle studies – EUR 2.900 per semester (EUR 5.800 per academic year),
– second-cycle studies – EUR 3.400 per semester (EUR 6.800 per academic year).

Additional fees for the repetition of a semester or the whole academic year due to unsatisfactory results in the first / second cycle studies or uniform master’s studies (the fees apply to the semesters which aren’t the final/diploma semester):

– first-cycle studies – EUR 750 per semester, EUR 1.500 per year,
– second-cycle studies – EUR 1.100 per semester, EUR 2.200 per year,
– uniform master’s studies – EUR 950 per semester, EUR 1.900 per year.

Additional fees for the repetition of the diploma semester due to unsatisfactory results in the first and second cycle of studies:

– first-cycle studies – EUR 500 per semester,
– second-cycle studies – EUR 700 per semester,
– uniform master’s studies – EUR 600 per semester.

The deadlines for making the payments:

• October 2nd, 2024 (for the winter semester)
• January 31st, 2025 (for the summer semester)

The tuition fee is paid in EURO and should be transferred to the following bank account:

All fees should be made to the following account:
Account holder: Uniwersytet Artystyczny im. Magdaleny Abakanowicz w Poznaniu
Address: Al. Karola Marcinkowskiego 29, 60–967 Poznan, Poland
Bank: PKO BP
Address: ul. Puławska 15, 02–515 Warszawa
Account number: PL 94 1020 4027 0000 1802 1425 6764

Title: Tuition fee, field of study, level, name and surname of the student
Example title: Tuition fee, Graphic Design BA, John Smith


1. Statutory interest is charged on fees paid after the deadline. In the event of arrears in payments for a period longer than three months, deletion from the list of students occurs.

2. In the event of arrears for more than 3 months results in a removal from the list of students.

3. The fees are non-refundable except for the following situations:

• granted leave
• resignation from studies due to health reasons supported by a medical certificate
• resignation from studies due to other important, documented random reasons

4. In the event of a difficult financial situation of the foreigner or in the case of undertaking education in another field of study or in another form on a fee-paying basis, the Rector, at the request of the interested party, may reduce the fee or exempt from it entirely.

5. Foreigners studying on the basis of previously applicable regulations pay fees in the amount specified in the previous regulations until the end of the period of education provided for a given form of education.

Rector’s Ordinance no. 55/2023/2024 as of May 13, 2024

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