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UAP Main Library

head of the Library: dr Bogumiła Twardosz

Plac Wielkopolski 9 (building C)
61–746 Poznań
tel.: 61 853 00 18 ext. 131

official website

Opening hours for users:

Mon.: 9.00–17.00
Tue.: 9.00–18.00
Wed.: 9.00–18.00
Thur.: 9.00–18.00
Fri.: 9.00–17.00
Sat.: 11.00–15.00

Borrowing books and newspapers or use the reading room is possible only for library magnetic card owners or electronic students card ELS. Main Library informs that every student may use computers, placed in facilities, searching data and scientific database, without any payment.

For exchange students and residency programme students, ue to the University of the Arts in Poznan library regulations, borrowing books requires 50 PLN deposit which will be given back after returning.

We inform about possibilities of checking readers account (service works, only if account was bought and is active), trough catalogue HIP logging on MOJE KONTO (MY ACCOUNT). After login, there are possibilities to book, order as well as extend borrowed books, by clicking ZAMÓW (ORDER) in searching module.

On-line Catalogue (English Interface) – Instructions, how to use electronic catalogue HIP Main catalogue might be found in BAZY (DATABASES).

There is possibility to connect with library catalogue using every computer. In order to do it, student is advised to login on his library account, providing login (address email, which was placed during the establishing and activating library account) and password (the number, which includes 4 digits – first password is 2 digits of the month and 2 digits of day of birth, for example 1231). After first login, go to page (user data) and change your password, according to user’s idea, the other 4 digits (invented by user).
Please pay attention, only active account owner can order and borrow books, cd or newspapers, but provided, account is already bought (12 zlotych per year). Account can be activated directly in library and UAP students are entitled to order no more then 5 books one time. Books are ready to collect within 3 days.

We inform you that you can prolong the date of return of your borrowed books, as early as 3 days before the initial returnig date. You can make a reservation for an already borrowed book in any time, so when it would be returned, it will be kept for you. When book is given back, message email will be sent within information, when collecting ordered book is avaliable. Students may collect ordered books with three days but if student doesn’t take desired books within three days, reservation will be cancelled.

Electronic system sends automatically information about deadlines for giving books back, three and five days before. If there is procrastination, information is sent every 14 days.

EBSCO – Access to information database is granted automatically, within university computer net, without login and password. Instructions basic (podstawowego) and advanced (zaawansowanego) searching data in database, database`s contents description (charakterystyka zawartości baz). Databases might be found in BAZY (databases).

Attention! Every library user is required to inform library’s administrator immediately if his living, mailing and emailing address or field or kind of study was changed so that administration could update data.

Please remember leave all you overcoats and bags in the cloak room.

  • Author: Szymon Dolata
  • Published on: 21.03.2019, 12:17
  • Last edit: 09.12.2022, 10:36