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UAP Public Relations Office is a unit whose mission is to promote the activities of the academic community of our University. The Office provides support to artists and designers in the field of broadly understood promotion by disseminating the results of their creative work and achievements in wide contexts: social, cultural and economic. We are also responsible for the shape of communication with students and candidates for studies. The experience gained in dealing with such a wide range of people has confirmed our belief that the best form of communication is conversation: we are sensitive observers of the environment, we follow trends with bated breath and we are open to any suggestions. As one of the first universities in Poland, we set up a profile on TikTok, in addition to other social media, like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

The Public Relations Office reaches its goals through a network of university art galleries located in the center of Poznan and co-created with the community of the City of Poznan.

The University’s exhibition infrastructure consists of: Nowa Scena UAP Gallery opened earlier this year, Rotunda Gallery, where cyclical 100/100 exhibitions present the latest achievements of our academic staff, Duża Scena UAP Gallery  presenting works of art from the UAP Collection and the achievements of its outstanding professors on the one hand, and the achievements of its outstanding professors on the other which is a place of artistic debuts and presentations of the achievements of young employees of the University, the design gallery – Design UAP and the Curators’LAB Gallery, profiled for the presentation of original curatorial projects, including international ones.

The network of exhibition spaces of Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts Poznan also includes the AT Gallery at 4 Solna Street and the Naprzeciw Gallery, which started its activity in the spring of 2003 as an alternative space for art presentation. Since 2017, the Faculty of Painting and Drawing of the University of Arts has also been running its art gallery at Szewska 16.

Public Relations Office is responsible for the production or co-production of many important events, such as: Maria Dokowicz Competition for the best UAP diploma, Poznan Art Week, End of Year Exhibition, Open Days, Art Site project and many others. It proudly supports university-wide competitions, such as: Biennale of Graphics, Painting Competition New Image/New Look, Poznan Photo Diploma Award, Ideografia, J. Kopczyński Biennale of Small Sculpture Forms, University Open Lectures, etc.

Public Relations Office supports the formation of valuable contacts of the University in the area of ​​the nationwide academic environment with a focus on the development of cooperation and exchange of creative ideas. Regularly organized exhibitions and guest shows of other universities at UAP Atrium as well as a rich program of open lectures, conferences and discussion panels with the participation of artists and specialists in many fields from Poland and abroad serve this purpose.

Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts Poznan also conducts a series of open workshops, intended not only for students of the University, but also for children, youth, seniors and people with disabilities.

The task of UAP Public Relations Office is also the promotion of its graduates on the labor market, developed through direct building of relationships with employers, which takes place through the organization of meetings, workshops, implementation of specific joint ventures in the field of art and design, as well as participation in educational fairs, design and art festivals. Promotion in this respect is shaped in two ways: based on cooperation with cultural and art institutions, and on the other hand, by opening new perspectives for cooperation with Polish and foreign external stakeholders representing the industry.


building E, room 03

ul. Wolnica 9, Poznań
tel.: 61 856 04 41 wew. 23

ATRIUM UAP Coordinator – Piotr Grzywacz

appointments & space bookings: build. E, room 03

  • Author: Szymon Dolata
  • Published on: 18.06.2018, 14:59
  • Last edit: 06.09.2023, 12:22